‘408 Empire’ Musical Trio Splits


 “408 Empire” has split after some years of working together and delivering crowd moving banger. The Copperbelt based dancehall musical group hit making group has split after some misunderstandings among group members. The group is popular known for hits like Chilepule Baby and St Ann will has lost a member after some conflict on who’s more popular and better.

Speaking in an interview with DJ Showstar one of the group members “Sub Sabala” said all the misunderstandings the group was having were caused by “Y Celeb” who kept emphasizing that he was more popular and better than other group members.

Speaking on the same interview Sub Sabala said he left the group because he was offended by the claims and hence wants to establish himself better as a Solo.

He also mentioned that it is unfortunate that their group had to separate in this way because he hoped they would work and not fail like other popular groups that were in the industry before them. Watch Interview Below!