Zambia’s bemba hard core rapper, Muzo AKA Alphonso has released another heart felt track titled “Nchili Ndesha”, meaning “I still try”. He has added sorrowful verses to this track, which are sounding as if he is explaining,warning and bragging to who ever that is building
up false stories about him and his God given talent.
The chorus is having different meanings though it is sounding the same as he sings “Nchili ndesha and Nchili ndensha” the first one meaning that,i still try and the other one meaning, am still driving.
He then proceeds with some lines which are saying ,i move mountains,so you can try to do what ever you want to me but i still try or am still driving”.Which ever among the two.
Adding this very track to his coming Album titled Taima Taiwa which is expected to be released on the 4th of April 2017 ,as stated by him.

Now, we all know Muzo AKA Alphonso for his unexpected Bemba Punchlines,and rhymes
which are constructed from his deep thoughts.
But his current music is becoming more suspicious and this has made it to be on demand.
Recently there was a rumor about Muzo AKA Alphonso pleading and asking for forgiveness from KOPPALA SWAG and to be resigned under this very Music record label,but these speculations later proved to be false after he clearly stated  that “Ba Zed
gossip na Kopala swag yenu muichindike sana namipapata,lekenifye mfumye album mumutende…….Ubufi tefintu” on his face book music fan page.
Meaning that, Zed Gossip and its Koppala Swag , should behave and just let him release his Album in peace, lying is not good.
This Muzo AKA Alphonso  Published post made this story to die.
Now the question is who is this new song aiming at?.