3 Rappers Who Have Tried to Out-Rap Chef 187 on a Song


It is always obvious that when Chef 187 is featured on a song, it instantly becomes his because of his deep lyricism. The worst is also bound to happen when he features another Rapper on a song. Arguably one of the Best (if Not the Best) HipHop Heavyweight especially in the mainstream circles, Chef 187 has continued to impress Zambian HipHop Heads.

Here are 3 rappers we feel have gone beyond everyone’s expectations by trying to outclass Chef 187 even by an inch.

  1. Muzo aka Alphonso

Back then at Kopala swag and Alpha Entertainment, Muzo aka Alphonso was the only rapper who would go Head-On lyrically with Chef 187. With His clever wordplay accompanied by Sick Metaphors and Punchlines, Muzo aka Alphonso managed to out-class Chef 187 On “Nafimbi Kutikeni”.

  1. Dope G

Former Zone Fam member Dope G has also had his share of tough competition with Chef 187 on Joints. Having collaborated on a number of notable song together, Dope G has also proved he can out-shine “The Lyrical Joe Mbuzi”. His effort on “Mundowe Ndowe” and “Don’t Ichibeleshi” speak Volume.

  1. Drifta Trek

The Alpha Entertainment Rapper has also proved he can stand out on a song with Chef 187. Weather arguably or not, Drifta Trek’s verses on “Salaula” and “January Blues” have impressed many. Many actually agree his out-rapped Chef 187 on those songs.