WATCH: La’Wino Explains Why Fly Jay Was Back On The Street, His Fall Out with Brisky & More


CEO of the Black Billionaire Record Label, La’Wino has addressed the issue of young rapper Fly Jay being seen back on the street despite a brighter future being provided for him.

The record label founder who also doubles as an artist featured on Diamond TV’s On The Table show with Chimweka, where he explained that he paid for Fly Jay’s annual school fees and made him start attending classes. Unfortunately, Fly Jay (who’s real name is Savior) began to run away from classes to spend time on the street.

During the interview, La’wino also told Chimweka how he feels his own music hasn’t reached heights he’d expected it to be on because of him defying the odds of following Zambian music trends. He further urged Zambian artists to include bit more English in their music to make easier for the international audience to understand.

The episode of On The Table got even more heated when a clip was played showing Brisky explaining why she had detached herself from La’wino’s record label and clarity eventually coming through from the record label owner himself.

Watch interview highlights below courtesy of the Diamond TV Zambia Facebook page…