ZHM Greatest Of All Time Edition (Chef 187)


Chef 187 born Khondwani Kaira has consistently been on the Zambia music scene ever since he took music as his profession back in 2010 under Alpha entertainment. He gained country wide recognition after featuring on a Slap Dee diss track by his brother Macky 2 and his raw talent left people craving for more of him.

Tracing his music roots back to when he was 5, Chef 187 has since mastered the art  earning himself multiple awards to his name. Among the awards are;

2015 – Mainstream Album Award – Heart of a Lion

2015 – Best Hip Hop Album – Heart of a Lion

2015 – Best Collaboration – “Kumalila Ngoma” (Chef 187 ft. Afunika)

2015 – Best Mainstream Male Artiste award – Chef 187

2016- Best Male Artist (ZMA’s)

2017-Album of the Year (Amnesia. Kwacha Music Award)

2017- Copperbelt Province Act

2019- Best Hip Hop Song (Tuleya Tukekula. Kwacha Music)

2019-Best Male Artist (Kwacha Music).

Another noticeable achievement from Chef is becoming the first Zambian artiste to headline an event opened up by two international acts namely Skales and Mr P (from P Square).

Chef 187 has established himself as a hit maker machine with four successful albums in the last five years.

Bon appetite” is his latest album of 2019 which held the spot for the most streamed album in its release month on Deezer, a digital music platform. The 23 track album saw  people coming forward to buy it at huge figures such as K10 000 by a named lady Mutinta. Zambias famous hustler Spax Mining was also reported to have bought the album at 1500 USD from the initial price of K89.00. This shows how priceless his craft is. The album features numerous hits  such as “Tuleya Tulekula” which earned him a Kwacha Music Award for Best Hip Hop, “Coordinate” ft Skales-a club banger, Grammy Nechibemba, Sensei amongst many. Same 2019 Chef 187 got voted as The Best Male Artist of the Year.

Another album worth mentioning is “Amnesia” which had its release in 2017. The album brought forth anthems like “Good Teacher bad Kasukulu” and “Ma Years“- a Kwacha Music Award wining song which featured Daev. Controversy was raised when Kasama’s own Muzo AKA Alphonso was expected to release an album titled “I’m in Asia” in the same period but this was something Chef brushed off later.

Before the Year could end, Amnesia was voted in as the Kwacha Music album of that year.

Other Busineses

Music has not been the only thing the Chef has had up his sleeves. In 2019 he began his starring role in an episode movie titled PUNCHLINE. He plays Mukwasa Chisenga AKA Punchline a character surviving on hip-hop as he goes through the wrath of the streets.

In addition to his CV, Chef 187 AKA The Numero Uno has done various commercials for high profile brands like Trade Kings. Notably is one in which he enjoys an Amazon bubble gum roll. Besides that the rapper has represented Infinix Mobile Company and Proflight Zambia as  An Official Ambassador.

Away from that In 2017 CNN featured him on African Voices, a segment evident enough to prove his appreciated impact on the Global music scene.

The artiste has worked had enough to become another artiste’s favorite artiste. This can be seen from the escalating number of features he has had since his breakout. He simply has been a rite of passage to the Zambian music scene especially for the upcoming artistes.

Music is food to the soul and Chef has always been cooking. On this note we leave an interesting fun fact to take away about his name “Chef 187“. While the meaning of Chef is Known it’s good to know that the numbers 187  are an American police code for the crime murder. In this regard it’s legit to say he has murdered his way to being the ZedHypeMag GREATEST OF ALL TIME.


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