Like the saying goes if you are at the TOP you will always be the TOPIC.

It could have been any other name tattooed on his arm but it had to be Zamani,
Mwila Musonda also called KING Dizo by title and goes by the stage name Slapdee has proved to be A loving father to his kids (Princess Nandi and Prince Zamani as he calls them) in a million ways despite the negative stories that surrounds him in reference to his kids especially NANDI.
Track 11 of one of the most selling albums in Zambia “BW2” is a song dedicated to Nandi.In this song the Hip HOP Giant goes smooth and calm as he expresses his love towards Nandi. Its evident nuff that King dizo also finds comfort in his daughter as one of the lines in Dreams come true ft Crisis now known as CHISAGA track 15 off BW2 ,slap raps “My daughter and my mom are the only ladies who can Love me”.

We noticed some debate going round last year if Dizo really loved Zamani as much as he loves Nandi and this was just cleared by his new artistic tattoo written I LOVE ZAMANI on his arm,

Not to bring any type of competition among celebrities but next time you going for an interview please let yo kid/kids tag along like Slap allowed Nandi last week at ZNBC.. Slapdee should inspire you to be a better Father in this area. The hubby part is questionable.

Next time you hear someone say Slapdee is not a good father please  make it known to them that He is not perfect but He is almost there.

For the little details shared in this article plus more King dizo is crowned  BEST FATHER OF THE MONTH.