Zambian Musician Unite To End Free Downloads!


According to Information obtained by our panel, Zambian Musicians have teamed up to end Free Music Downloads. This means that Music will now be sold at an agreed price of about K3 per single on a certain online platform to be launched.

This will be effective on 17th October 2017 and according to information obtained, Music will be sold on a website called “Afritunes” and No Free Download will be available on Music Blogs. This initiative has been spearheaded by Crystalline Technologies LTD with the sole back up from Zamtel, Airtel and ZICTA. ZICTA will instantly shut down any Blog which will be found providing Free Downloads.

This is a good initiative which will foresee direct revenue into Musicians’ Pockets and definitely help brand artists. For so long local artists have been struggling to sell their singles online as each effort made was to no avail