“Zambia Usually Isnt Ready For Me On Time” Says T-Bwoy


Award winning dancehall artist, T Bwoy T Bizzy has expressed how he feels he usually is ahead of his time and unfortunately his music gets to be disadvantaged in the process.

The Mwati Uziba” and “I Miss You” hitmaker said this when he featured on Phoenix FM’s Tonight Live show with Chimweka and Duchess where he also expressed why his albums such as “Amama” and “The Other Side” didn’t do so well on the Zambian market when they were released at the time. Till this day, the award winning artist still shares those sentiments especially when some songs he (or other artistes) do are “slept on“.

During the interview, T Bwoy further disclosed that on top of all this, the money in the industry wasn’t so good and so it prompted him to get a full time job. He also sometimes felt under-appreciated and sometimes got tempted to give up but ultimately didn’t because, according to him, it is his life.

The dancehall artist went on to talk about how his uncle wanted him to join the army but he denied to because it would affect his music. T Bwoy also disclosed how T Sean did his backing vocals for a while without any one knowing, such as songs like “Woman of My Life