Zambia getting the recognition it deserves ..”So sorry ” by Kaladoshas, doing its part…


Our very own zambian Kaladoshas has proved that taking zambian music to the next level is not just about adding sounds to  Zambian radios ,clubs and streets  playlists, but also making Zambian music to be recognized by other countries through the most influential media platforms like Channel O, MTV Base, Trace TV, etc…

After following the chats of these influential international channels ,Kaladoshas’s Latest track was found to be among the most happening songs ,which are receiving massive support from a different million fans, and countries,including Zambia. A number of requests, for this song have been observed and by so being the case,a million of world eyes are looking forward to watch more Zambian artists.
Big ups to  KaladoshasThe Best” for the hard work and sacrifices he has donated to our entertainment industry.
Lets keep on requesting for “So sorry” by Kaladoshas on @MTVBase , Trace Africa and@ Channel O .

Its a year of more recognition and awards for zambia, its our time to shine….