Xsiq IQ Accuses LJ Mojo of Biting His Style


HipHop artiste and Emcee “Xsiq IQ” is back making waves on social media after throwing a Subliminal jab at “Lj Mojo“. The 2wo 1ne rapper recently jumped on “Mufasa” by Mubby Roux on which he made a lot of verbal damage. In fact his verse was one of the top rated on the project as he managed to outshine many rappers as HipHop heads would say.

But what has drawn a lot of attention are his lyrics on the song. Rapping on the project with clever wordplay and charismatic punchlines, the Battle rapper accuses Lj Mojo of biting his style.

He tried to steal the style of a real moko Moko/ ati ambishe fyongo I said mutale No”. He rapped

Xsiq IQ is known for fearless throwing jabs at fellow rappers and few years ago him and his friend Shamet Youngi Started beef with Stevo. Lj Mojo” on the other hand is not new to starting fire as not long ago he released a controversial Industry diss song called “Moko Moko”.