Wezi shares Heartbreaking experiences before album Launch


Singer Wezi released her long awaited Leiloe album on the 2nd of August 2019 at the Mulungushi International Conference Center. She shared that the events leading to her album launch were traumatizing and heart breaking because a few days before the day, she lost a very close friend and he was buried on the day of her album launch.

Leiloe album Cover

Wezi disclosed that the death of Edward Japi was really traumatizing for her because he was really a close friend and they have come a long way. She also noted that it wasn’t easy to dress up and do sound check shortly after looking at a friend’s lifeless body for the last time but she still had to give a show to the fans who bought tickets and went through to support the launch.

Wezi and Edward Japi

She shared this and much more in a social media post that read;

One of the hardest days I’ve ever had to face in all of my 27 years here on Earth was Friday,2nd August 2019. From paying tribute to Japi at the church service, to body viewing him and laying a wreath on his grave then having to rush back to the venue of the album launch & do sound check, make up and dress up for the event. It was all none stop and traumatic. Japi wasn’t just a friend, he was someone that I spoke to on a daily basis for 6 years! He made my mother laugh with fake promises & joked with all my siblings. It’s a known fact that he was like family to all of us. There’s only few friends I have who know where I live right now. Someone who regularly dropped by FOR NO GOOD REASON, just because he wanted to say Hi. Our journey as friends started when we met at Vibrant media. Both of us just starting out as young dreamers chasing their dreams. I’ve had to dig up strength in me I never thought I even had for me to face this day head on. When you lose someone so close to you, sometimes it literally feels like HOW AM I STILL HERE when you are not? Imagine all that going on while launching your very 1st Album. I’d love to thank everyone that that got their tickets and made sure I didn’t sing to an empty venue! Your presence gave me the inspiration to get through it all. Thank you and God bless”

Edward Japi was a photographer and a Zambian music enthusiast who was affiliated to many people in the Industry. He passed on few days ago and will be greatly missed by many. (MHSRIP)