Wezi Responds to Pregnancy Rumors

Award winning singer “Wezi Heartsound” has finally responded to rumors circulating on social media about her being pregnant for a fellow artist (B-flow). This followed after some social media pages shared the story which has since gone viral. Wezi responded with a social media post which read “I AM NOT PREGNANT. Read full post below;
I’m very disappointed and irritated at the number of people that are currently harassing me over this fake story that was published about me being pregnant with a fellow artist’s child. A lot of women suffer on the cyber space and our hard work is always reduced to fake rumors about sleeping with our co-workers which I find very ignorant & sexist! It’s like you are saying we can’t pull off greatness without being sexually involved!!! B’Flow is someone I love and respect very much & for a very long time People have said we would make a nice couple, unfortunately our life choices aren’t based on public opinions and you must respect that we are human beings. I don’t owe anyone to be with him and neither does he owe it to anyone to be with me!
I would have ignored this but it seems this story has grown very big and it has began to suffocate me. I’m going to pursue legal action against the ones who published this story because it’s disheartening what you do to us artists on these platforms. I don’t like how degrading and perverted the article was presented and I feel offended by it otherwise it would have been something to laugh about!
To all the true fans of Zambian music, protect your artists, not everything you read is true, when it comes to stories about me, nothing is on point unless it comes directly from me or my management! Furthermore, I wish that my album ‘Leiloe’ could go as viral as these false rumors but unfortunately you choose to ignore the hard work and pay attention to trash. Support us your artists while we are here to feel your love and appreciation, don’t wait till it’s too late and we can’t feel anything!
Lastly, even if it’s NOT true that I’m pregnant, there’s nothing wrong with me being pregnant. If there’s something that can’t be hidden forever in life, it is the presence of new life growing inside a woman’s body. When God blesses me, I’ll share the wonderful news but for now getting pregnant isn’t my priority.
To all my loyal heartsounders, I salute you! Thanks for buying my music and for the support you keep showing me online and in real life. God bless you!