Watch: CQ Feels Overlooked By People In Zambia & Explains Why He Feels Government Is Stealing From Artists.


Zambian artist who has now ventured in to film, CQ, has expressed how local people in Zambia know about him, but don’t give him enough credit.

The multi talented entertainer featured on Diamond TV’s On The Table show with Chimweka where he disclosed how he feels people in the country easily shift their focus and attention to a new artist and discard the ones before the new sensations came up, him being a victim of this.

He further explained how he is way passed the stage of making a name and would rather focus on making money, the latter not being easy to achieve according CQ. One of the reasons he gave for this is poor policies to protect artists and their work.

He added that the Government is stealing from artists because no deliberate measures are being put to curb issues such as piracy, despite consitent compliance being made by the content producers.

During the interview, CQ also explained to Chimweka what he had been up to in Hollywood. Watch interview highlights here…