“Upcoming artistes should also be paid something when they open for Main acts”- Singer ‘No ID’


Singer and Vocalist “No ID” took it Facebook to air out his concern about upcoming artistes not getting paid when they open for main acts. The Copperbelt based singer has emphasized the trend is unfair because upcoming artistes also have bills to pay and insists a little something would make a difference. Check out his Facebook post below!

Yes we agree we’re upcoming musicians but a little something as a way of appreciation when we open stages for your main acts is better than nothing. Imagine paying a k1000 plus to have my song recorded, a k150 for the song artwork, k200 to give a blogger and sleepless nights of sharing the link to reach thousands of prospective fans, not forgetting SOME radio DJs for radio promotions! I mean just look at that effort, as if it’s not enough, I also have to book a taxi to come and perform at your show. You might ask why a taxi? Well, branding is vital too, nobody wants an artist that looks fucking broke so don’t say it’s faking.

Yes we appreciate platforms but don’t you think a little something as a way of appreciating is not a bad idea? Have you ever imagined how it would be to have a show without opening upcoming acts? Yes we sometimes if not all the time reach out to you to help us with an opportunity to showcase our talents to the attendants but how do we grow our careers if we lack what it needs? Don’t you think it would be a good thing to see an upcoming who was once your opening act grow to a big musician headlining your events?

I am not saying we require a lot but a little is not a bad idea at all. I know there are a lot of upcoming musicians who have talent but they’re in the background because they don’t have resources to help them grow their careers.

I can say a lot but this is enough for now.