Umusepela Crown Publicly asks Chef 187 for a Feature & Gets Hilarious Response



Budding HipHop artiste ½ of the rap twin “Imisepela Shibili”, Crown got Zed twitter’s attention when he explicitly asked Chef 187 for a feature. The rapper inquired if the recording process for “Numero Uno’s “Bon Appetit” deluxe edition is over also pitched in a request to deliver a verse.

This request caught Chef 187’s attention who decided to send a seemingly shady response. In his response Tweet, Chef 187 emphasized Crown should have used the DM and not going public. He further shades him that the DM isn’t just for Stalking ladies.

Chef 187 has been known for hilarious clap backs on social media to interactions which make him uncomfortable. It’s not clear at the moment if the conversation continued in the DM and if at all Umusepela Crown stands a chance to feature on the Deluxe version of the album.