Top 10 Zambian Rappers Every Fan Should Know!


HipHop is a competitive and a contact sport and hence questions like ‘Who is the hottest emcee/female emcee  in the game?” will always keep on poppin’. Such questions have always been the topic of debate among HipHop Heads. Hence, we give you a list of Top 10 Zambian Rappers Every Fan should Know!

  1. Chef 187

Also Known as “People’s Favourite Rapper or the Numero Uno“, Chef 187 has enjoyed enormous endorsements both from Fans and fellow rappers and Entertainers alike. His ability to spit sick bars, Poetry and his deep Lyricism has Kept him on HipHop Heads’ Top 5 list (If Not Top 2, Lol). Chef 187 also boasts several awards with his album “Amnesia” scooping “Best Album Of Year” at last year’s Kwacha Music Awards!

2. Slapdee

Popularly Known as “King Dizzo”, Slapdee enjoys a large Fanbase of XYZ loyal stuns who have Celebrated him over the years and winning him multiple awards in the game. Slapdee holds many trophies more than any rapper in Zambia. His Ability to Rap in More than 4 Languages makes him indisputable. Having been in the game for than 10 years Veteran Slapdee has released several Hits and Radio Charting singles.

3. K.R.Y.T.I.C

Also Known as KR or Copperbelt Boy, K.R.Y.T.I.C is regarded as the realest emcee to ever grace the Microphone in Zambia. Krytic’s HipHop prowess range from Story Telling, Poetry, Sick Punchlines, Metaphors and Rap Battling skills. In fact is a true definition of a real emcee. He is also the only English Rhyming Zambian rapper to have his album nominated for “Zambian Music Awards“.

4. Thugga (Tim)

The former Zone Fam member now turned Gospel rapper has always been compared to Krytic. His Hypnosis Mixtape proved he is one of the Hottest Emcees around.

5. Tiye-P

Mwana Wa Niyrenda” has continued to prove his critics Wrong by releasing some of the deep and authentic Rap songs in Zambia recently. His debut album “RED” was the only pure HipHop Blended album released last year. Tiye-P recently out-rapped Chef 187 on “Chinja Ensaka” and has continued to lyrically every most rappers he features with including on Cyphers.

6. Muzo aka Alphonso

Former Alpha Entertainments Rapper is one of the most creative and Hardcore rappers in the game. His wordplay, Punchlines, Metaphors and Hardcore Bemba Flow has earned him appraisal from HipHop Heads and also multiple awards. Muzo aka Alphonso is one of a few rappers that can go head-on lyrically with Chef 187.

7. Stevo Rap Guru

The Guru Nation rapper “Stevo” can spit Creative and sick Punchlines more than any rapper. Despite leaving XYZ Entertainments, Stevo has managed to to be consistent, grow his fanbase and scoop some awards.

8. Bomb$hell

Apparently the only female rapper who can lyrically compete with male rappers, Bombshell continues to ‘Roar’ as a Lion Queen killing even male rappers on Cyphers. Bomb$hell has proved she has more to offer and especially being a new Come, the Rapper is destined for greatness.

9. Alpha Romeo

Alpha Romeo has continued to maintained his relevance by rapping about real life issues. The K-Amy Heavyweight also has a catalogue of hits and street bangers. His previous album titled “Nothing Has Changed” was critically acclaimed.

`10. Macky 2

Mulaza Kaira popularly known as “Macky 2” has been criticized over the years for Switching to Dunka and club bangers but that cant deny him the fact that he is one of a few to have set the foundation for Zambian HipHop. Recently, he has proved his flow is still intact by spitting worthwhile bars.