Top 10 Most Impactful New Artistes of 2020


Zambian music has been on the rise and a number of Vibrant new artistes have emerged over the past couple of years or even months. These new acts have brought a dimension of new sounds and style to this fast growing Industry. Today we look at Top 10 very talented breed of music acts whose music is booming and has made an impact this year.

Princess Natasha Chansa
  1. Princess Natasha Chansa

Having signed under ‘Zed Art RecordsPrincess Natasha Chansa has been a favorite for many Zambian music lovers especially new wave followers. Her ability to sing and rap makes her a very unique talented act with the potential to cross borders with her sound. He singles such Pleidges, Fire and the most recent OMG have been positively received among a broad music audience including radio stations.

Umusepela Chile
  1. Umusepela Chile

Famously known for his fast rapping style and his politically charged lyrics, Umusepela Chile has recently emerged into a household name in Zambian HipHop. His controversial song called “Snake Moses” quickly earned him major endorsements from prominent Zambian artists such as Macky 2, Tiye-P, K-Star among others. His other notable jaw dropping singles this year include Dear Princess Tasha, Mr. Minister and Checkmate among others. His ever loyal base of fans and supporters has contributed to his rapid growth in terms of stats this year so far.


3. Killa

The So Good Entertainments artist is definitely a force to reckon and an example of the future of Zambian music. Killa who doubles as a singer and rapper has worked with Big names in the Industry such as K.R.Y.T.I.C and Bombshell. He recently dropped his debut album called “Killa Instinct” making him one of a few new waves rapper with an album especially at such an early stage of his career.

Chuzhe Int
  1. Chuzhe Int

The Kopala Based artiste is slowly becoming many listeners’ favorite especially for his style and type of Music. He rose to prominence with his singles ECZ and Conductor Fipenye. His other notable singles include “Friday Njikata” ft Chef 187 and his most recent “Kubwaiche” which features Chanda Na Kay.

Chanda Na Kay
  1. Chanda Na Kaya

The duo is currently the hottest on the block having drawn inspiration for their style from the likes of 408 Empire and Dope Boys. Their song “Mbo” became an instant hit and their addictive adlibs have since caught the attention of many listeners especially the Youths.

  1. Trinah South

Trinah South has been consistence ever since she stepped onto the music scene. Despite coming up in the game with a Controversial Rap song “Elevate”, the artiste has overly settled as a singer. Some of her notable bangers include James feat Macky 2, Tulo, Kamba Nyo etc. She recently dropped her debut Mixtape “Boyfriend” for 2020.

7. Bow Chase

Ever since he jumped on Chef 187’s “Single for the Night” in 2018, Bow Chase continued prosper in his career. His affiliation to T-sean’s record label has since earned him an opportunity to deliver hits to even a bigger audience. He 2020 singles Macarena, Balipampamo and “They Don’t Know” have been well received since their release.

  1. Dizmo

The Apa Ili So Entertainments signed artiste has been doing the most ever since Jae Cash took him under his wings. From Life to his most recent project “Muletepelelako”, Dizmo has proved his rhyme book never runs out of pages. His other 2020 single include Hardwork and Bangwele which features Yo Maps.

  1. Destro & Tony Grammz

Apologies for landing these 2 lyrical geniuses on the same spot like they’re a duo but their joined effort this year is what gets them on this list. Destro and Tony Grammz who are both under “So Good Entertainments” dropped a joint EP called “Massive Magic”. The project charted Number 2 on’s top selling list weeks after its release.

  1. Legendson

The +Xplode Entertainments signed artiste is slowly becoming a force to reckoned with having dropped an EP (24) and LP (25) last year and this year respectively. LegendSon is a rapper whose amazing style and lyrical prowess have caught the attention of many music fans. His music is available on digital platforms at your disposal.


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