Tiye-P Trashes All 2019 Songs With an Exception of 3


HipHop artiste and Emcee “Tiye-P” took it to Twitter to Trash all the songs that dropped this month of January with an exception of 3 songs. The rapper regarded the songs as “jabberwockys” (a nonsense poem written by Lewis Carroll about the killing of a creature) and hence the owners should be feeling like “Lewis Carroll“.

Tiye-P credited Nkongole by T-Sean, Signature by Kaladoshas and summertime by Jay Rox as part of the 3 worthwhile songs in his book. He further points out that there is an exception for some songs he hasn’t heard.

Mwana Wa Nyirenda is known for being outspoken and fearlessly expressing his opinions both through music and outside the booth. However his list leaves out Slapdee’sNew Day” which is highly credited by fans and critics. Tiye-P is also set to drop his 2019 first single next month (February)