Tiye-P Talks tension with KB, riding with Chef 187, Alpha Romeo Plus More



Legendary record producer and CEO “KB” recently put out his second episode of “Diary Conversation” and the Video features rapper Tiye-P. The Emcee who at one time took shots at KB narrated his come up and his relationship with Killer Beats, Alpha Romeo, Chef 187, T-sean among others.

During the Interception of the Conversation, Tiye-P recalled meeting KB a year after the Producer met Alpha Romeo. He also went into details about the origin of the Clique “Solid” which was later renamed as “Young Energy“. The clique comprised Chef 187, Tiye-P, Alpha Romeo, Jae Cash, Brisky, Nana with T-sean who was to added as a singer and producer. Unfortunately the group was dismantled due to unfair distribution of Revenue, personal misunderstandings among other differences.

Tiye-P also talked about the Incidence when he felt KB removed Tiye-P‘s verse from Nana’s song and put Slapdee‘s. However KB explained he didn’t actually remove his verse because he intended to keep both verses by him and Slapdee. The song was actually written by Tiye-P and the emcee also rapped about it on “Ether (Obituary)“.