Tiye P Hints A Fire Back Against Umusepela Chile


Not so long ago Private Label Death Raw intrepid and fearless rapper Umusepela Chile released a diss track stripping off the pride of HipHop Heavy Weight Tiye P and His fast emerging Red Nation Label signed HipHop act Young Twice. The diss song was simply a response by Chile to Young Twice’s Song “Culture” and it’s catchy  title “Checkmate” can be explained from a smart ancient game of thrones called Chess and checkmate is a final move in chess in which the King is being threatened, and cannot move anywhere else without being threatened again. This is the end of a chess game.

But it seems the song wasn’t really a checkmate as the CEO of Red Nation Label Tiye P as hint a response through his Facebook page by sharing a parable saying “Mwana Akalila Bonzo” Mwana Mupase loosely translated as If A Child is crying for a Bone , Give the Child A Bone. At the same time the rapper is insinuating that he will give Umusepela Chile something he won’t handle nor bite from Red Nation Music .

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