Tiye-P Goes For Self-Proclaimed HipHop Kings, Agrees with alleged “Maleek Beery” Sentiments


Controversial HipHop artiste “Tiye-P” is back to set the Rap game on fire as he Kicks off 2018 with New records. The rapper recently released two songs on the same day titled “Reverse” and “Tiye-P vs everybody”, however the later as the title entails has some controversial lyrics.

On “Tiye-P vs everybody”, Mwana Wa Nyirenda warns self-proclaimed HipHop kings and gives them a wakeup call. He uses his deep lyricism to shake the Industry as he claims some musicians get awards through Corruption.

The rapper also claims Zambian artists “Stinky’ as allegedly said by Nigerian artiste “Maleek Berry” (Who refuted the sentiments). “Maleek Beery tabepele munuka Nguwe….Tiye-P raps.

The rapper doesn’t end there as he also encourages fellow artistes to get paid for their talent. He condemns the tendency of foreign artists being paid more than local artists by organizers when they perform in the Country.