Tigress 34-7 |Biography & Profile



Born as Leontina Chibawa legally known as Tina Chibawa and professionally known as Tigress 34-7 is a Zambian Hip-hop artist born on 28th April 1997 in Lusaka she was born in a family of Six, 5 girls one boy with a twin sister as the last born. Tigress said she had so many stage names growing up but she kept on changing cause she felt they didn’t relate to the music she was tryna put out . The search for a stage name came to an end the moment she got introduced to the cartoon character called “Tigress” in movie titled Kungfu Panda she was inspired by her traits and added the numbers 34-7 which she says are angels numbers.

Music was not on the list of what Tigress wanted to pursue as a career, she was into sports ,she wanted to be a professional soccer player and pursue football as a career. Then later she got discovered by her fellow team mates in camp that I could actually rap and they encouraged her to visit the booth. She started pursuing music as a career in December 2014 till date.

She has managed to work with big names like Alpha Romeo, F-jay, Jae Cash, Kekero, Bobby East and Chef 187. Some of the songs she has released include Sela Tubombeko, Never Give up, Nkala Zee Ft Bobby East, Aliyense ft Alpha Romeo, Tompwe ft Kekero, High and wasted, Ndipa Hone, warning sign vol.1 and Back Down ft Chef 187.

Tigress is scheduled to drop her D.C.W.S.L EP this year, it already has two tracks out titled Ndipa hone and Warm up. Aside from music Tigress is a student at Evelyn Hone College pursuing a Diploma in Social Work. She is also a bartender at a family bar on weekends and through out school holidays.