The Internet Reacts to Slapdee Opening Up for Nasty C


Slapdee is reported to be one of the opening acts for Young South African Rapper Nasty C’s Perfomance at Lusaka Chez’s Ntemba on 12th November. However this has been received with mixed feeling by Majority of his fans and critics with Most of them saying its very Disgraceful. Among the opening acts is “Thought of You” Hitmaker Mic Burner.

One fan posted on Facebook;

“You know what’s Sad??
Slap Dee? our so called “biggest Artist” is going to be an Opening Act for an Opening Act ?
Anyway 12th ?turn Up with the Jiggy Jigga! “

Few Months ago, while on Sway in the Morning South African rapper AKA said he is done opening for Other International Musicians claiming that its more like they are exposing him to his own People.He added he would rather conduct a concert/Show of his own.


Do You think its a good idea for our Local artists to be opening for fellow African Artists??