Super Rhymer |Biography & Profile


Super Rhymer is a Zambian Hip hop artist, beat maker and rapper born as Lameck Zulu. He is well known for his fast tougue twisting skills and creative word combination. He decided to call himself Super Rhymer because he is a Super man fan and wants people to have high expectations regarding his music every time they hear his name.

He started doing music at a young age back in the Copperbelt but only had a chance to be in studio in 2008. His music is inspired by real life events and his desire to be a voice for the voiceless. Over the years he has done various songs aimed at inspiring positive change in people, songs like Nkonono, Twasansaula , Rollout, Unzunzu, Uzamuziba Yesu and his new single Teaspoon just to mention a few.

He released an EP with Mag44 titled Power which had 7 powerful melodies like Spirit, Money, How high etc. Apart from Magg 44 he has also worked with artists like Solomon Plate, Church, James Sakala, Macky 2 among others. Aside from music Super Rhymer is a sound engineer and an aspiring fashion designer. This year he intends to release a project and do more Super Rhymer events to give people an experience like never before and to collaborate with artists who do different types of Genres of music so that we can create nice fusions.


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