Stevo Says XYZ is Like Family, Claims His Fanbase Has Since Increased



Steven Mwale or Better Known as StevoRap Guru” who recently featured on Radio 4′s HipHop Eardrum Hosted by Sanga Tembo says His relationship with XYZ has not declined. The rapper who left XYZ says the clique is like his family. When asked about how his Departure from XYZ affected his Fanbase, the Punchline rapper claims his fanbase actually increased thereafter because he had fans applauding him for his decision. The rapper left XYZ due to personal reasons and and XYZ’s failure to Respect the contract.

Stevo also disclosed he will be working an album later on but at the moment he is will be releasing singles first and create more hype for them. He assured his fans he is now back into action. Stevo has since put out an audio and video for “Push” which are both critically acclaimed.