Stash Announces First Mixtape


Music producer Stash has announced working on a mix tape and new music videos.
İn an interview with DJ PMC on Joy Fm renowned young producer   Stash said he is working on a mix tape and his new single titled  “Balance”  is going to be the fourth song on the mixtape.
Stash further added that he is planning to work on more music videos for his own songs so people can get to know him because in most cases people hardly get to know the person behind the production, he said most people know his name but don’t know his face.
Speaking in the same interview the XYZ affiliated producer Stash also shared how his new single “Balance “came  up, saying he worked on a beat for the whole night slept on the morning and when he woke up in the afternoon he found Bobby had already recorded on it without him asking him to and he loved the song immediately without even hesitating to mix it because Bobby had done a great job.