Solwezi Only Has 4 Rappers- G.R.A.N.D



Self proclaimed God Emcee and lyricist G.R.A.N.D has continued to voice out on the state of Hip Hop in Solwezi.
The rapper thinks many artistes in Solwezi are too lazy at delivering good content, good lyrics and overall good vocal delivery. “A lot of katz have basic rhymes if you ask me. Some are still making love songs like Winston and Red Linso, there is no diversity or innovation mainly it’s just hype from their peers. ” The Emcee said in a statement with a ZedHypeMag staffer.
Following the fued beef with Nuh Pressure rapper MP7, the Emcee has not released any music reasons only known to him despite rumours that he is working on a all round Hip Hop mixtape set to change the face of rap in Solwezi.
He has been teasing fans on his facebook page with short clips of the content he is currently working on.
With the many talents in Solwezi, the rapper says only 4 people can rap in Solwezi. The Certified Music prodigy did not mention who these rappers are nor did he give a hint. Does G.R.A.N.D have a point or maybe he’s taking shots again?