Snippet: Rappers Take Shots on New So Good Cypher


The incoming So Good Cypher is a game changing record which will leave many HipHop fans debating about who is who in the game. According to the leaked snipet played on HipHop eardrum Hosted by Sanga Tembo, the Cypher has rappers exchanging shots fearlessly. When we thought the Drifta Trek-Krytic drama was long gone, this Cypher has resurrected it.

Other rappers who received shots are Tiye-P and Johny C. Tiye-P was dissed by ProFyle claiming that he misses beats. This is HipHop and if you’re are fan, you need to keep your fingers crossed. The other rapper to have fallen victim of this Cypher is Camstar. Among other rappers, the Cypher features K-Star, Killa and Ice The Underground.