Slapdee’s Subliminal Responce Concerning His Case With Katongo


Fans have been looking forward for a comment from Slapdee regarding the issue between Multi Award winning Artiste Slapdee and UK based Zambian songbird Katongo.This is case were Slapdee failed to show up for “Tinofara” Video shoot demanding for more money from Katongo. See story here
see screen shot below

The multi award winning Hip-Hop Artist SlapDee has been playing dead to the issue and only humorously adressed the issue on facebook. Confirming that rapper did ask for more money . The XYZ founder posted a screenshot of his conversation with Hamoba concerning their yet to be released track dubbed Maria and the attention catching of the conversation is the part were Slapdee responds to Hamoba saying “i will ask for more money on the same day” referring to what happened between him and Katongo.