Slapdee Trolls a Macky 2 Fan for “Mentioning King Bugar” on His Page!



HipHop Loyalty Slapdee has accepted 2 Lion Kings can Live in the same Jungle. This was after a Fan commented “Macky 2 is the Only King He Knows” on His (Slapdee) Page. Slapdee who posted his Old picture which has since gone viral on Facebook attracted the Facebook User’s Comment when he named the old picture “Slapdee” and “King Dizzo” for the his current look.

However instead of abashing the Macky 2 fan as most people would expect, the HipHop Mogul acknowledged that “Macky 2 (King Bugar)” is also King. In the same reply comment, Slapdee emphasized he is focusing on “Spreading Love”.