Slapdee Responds To Satanism Allegations



Multi-award winning HipHop artiste and XYZ frontman “Slapdee” has finally responded to Satanism allegations which were leveled against by unnamed Online platform.
The allegations surfaced online after the tragic death of Caristo Clear (MHSRIP) who died in a car accident.
According to the allegations, a named person who has gone mute after raising the dust confessing a list of Local Celebs who were initiated into Satanism for fame and success and among them was King Dizzo.
However, Slapdee has a smart way of responding to these seemingly fake publications. The rapper took it to his social media accounts of more more than 200K followers in total and unleash an ultimate clap back.  Below is his facebook post
One minute they call you homeless, next they call you satanist…..We work too hard!!!!!!!!” – He captioned a picture of him jetting off a plane.
Killing two birds at the same time as the caption also relates to past rumors of him staying at his friend’s crib. Having lost his house to Wendy.

One minute they call you homeless, next they call you satanist.We work too hard!!!!!!!!

Posted by Slapdee on Monday, July 9, 2018