Slapdee Rebrands With New Look


HipHop giant and XYZ Entertainments Founder “Slapdee” has surprisingly done some magic to his hair by rocking the famous “Cornrows” Hairstyle. The hairstyle which has been embraced by American artistes such as The Game, Lecrae, Xxxtentacion among others has rapidly taken over the HipHop culture over the past months particularly last year.

In Zambia, King Illest became the first local HipHop artiste to rock the hairstyle and many others such as Stevo, Kchinga etc have since followed. Surprisingly even Slapdee who is well known for cutting his hair and not plaiting it has finally embraced it. The rapper post a short video clip on his Instagram story flexing his Latest Hairstyle.

This is definitely a rebranding season for Zed rappers as his former rival Macky 2 also decided to take the dressing rebranding direction. Check out the video clip below!