Slapdee meets Dizmo, Plans to Take Him back to school & hints Signing Him.



The Young teenager rapper whose Freestyle Video went viral on Facebook fortnight ago has finally meet Slapdee. This followed after the XYZ boss made an effort to look for the Kid after being impressed with his bars.

The XYZ rap Mogul met up with the Misisi Youngstar early this morning and made a video about it. Slapdee will be meeting the parents of the Young School drop-out and hopes to take back the child to school. From the Video recording, its clear Slapdee might just sign the young rapper to his record label “XYZ”.

Dizmo’s real stage name has been revealed as “Baby Gee”. Watch Slapdee’s Video with Dizmo below.

Guess what ladies and gentlemen, I located Dizmo whose real rap name is actually BABY DEE. Dizmo is an older rapper from their hood that records the music that they rap on the streets. Baby D, real name Paul and his older brother(Slim G)are talented and I hope our meeting will impact the kids in a positive way. Thankyou Kondwani Kaluba for quickly locating and finding the rap stars. Thankyou to everyone who tagged, sent video clips or even called me to inform me of the ‘new kids on the block’Here’s a clip of our meeting for your eyes.

Posted by Slapdee on Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Watch Dizmo’s Viral Freestyle Video Below