Slapdee Complains after Uncle T Snatches Young Dizmo Under His Nose


The News about Uncle T (Trevor Ngandu) legally adopting Young Dizmo (Baby Dee) has caught Slapdee on the Wrong Foot. The rapper who became first to Announce adopting the boy (But Not Legally) decided to take his displeasure to Social Media. The Rapper reacted to the whole situation in a Facebook post on his page which he deleted 6mins later.

According to Slapdee, Uncle T shouldn’t have waited for him (Slapdee) to recognize the boy as he initially used to rap around his (Uncle T) famous Drinking Place before he went viral. However, the HipHop Mogul hopes the Talent of Young Dizmo will not be put to waste.

Slapdee’s Facebook post which he deleted!

Earlier yesterday, Uncle T finalized paper work for adoption of Young Dizmo and His elder Bother.