Slapdee’s BW2 Album To be Finally Out on Friday!!


The Much anticipated Black Na White 2 Album by Slapdee is finally at the doorstep awaiting the official release. The album whose tracklist has not been disclosed will be out on the market this Friday.

The release of this long waited album comes after more than 2 years of hyping and has since been keeping fans on the wait. With so much being speculated about King Dizzo on social media, BW2 is expected to put the King on his reign again. We can’t predict much about this incoming fire from Slapdee but instead we will let the record do the talking once its out.

According to XYZ camp, King Dizzo has promised to personally sign copies at a Learning Institution where 80-100 copies will be successfully sold. The album artwork was inspired by Slapdee’s daughter Nandi.