Slap Dee Explains Fan Blasting Tweet


King Dizzo has been the talk of social media today after a fan tweeted about not receiving expected feedback from the rapper after meeting him at a mall.
In a tweet that read

” .. So I met Slapdee on East Park around 18hrs, As a fan I shouted King Dizo but he just noddedhis head no Chimwela zoona… Ba king chilishani” then Slapdee replied saying “you lucky I even nodded. ”

This reply has come with mixed emotions with some people supporting the rapper while others blasted him.

Some of his fans expressed their views to him through a recent Facebook post where he said he has an important announcement and they should tag a real Slapdee fan. It was here that Slap Dee replied to one of his fans, calling it a formal response in a comment that read.

You will be the only one i give a formal response so follow me. My first time in New York I went sight seeing in Manhattan. My driver was a hiphop fan so i asked him to take me around all the places affiliated with my idol, Jay Z. After seeing Bedsty, the 40/40, Barclays Center and around Brooklyn he drove me to the Roc Nation head office. The plan was just to go in, meet whoever i could take a few pics and drive back to my hotel but coincidentally, as we turned into the street the building is in three black SUVs pulled right at the front of the building and you can guess who hoped out with 4 men in black around him…Shawn Corey Carter himself. About a dozen paparazi across the street rushed over to try and get close ups i guess. We were in a bit of a block so i hoped out my car rushed towards the throne and just to try and get at least eye contact so i screamed “Jay Z”. I wasnt the only one seeking attention and yes as you may have guessed, the mighty HOV walked into without a single f*#k of who we were or even looking at us.

Now i know your next question would be “so you think you are Jay-Z?”

Of course not! (Although i wish i was?) My point is i did not go to twitter or Facebook to try and disgrace or shame my idol. Neither did i denounce Mr Carter publicly for not saying anything to me. As a religious Jay Z follower i was just happy to see him in the flesh. For me that was more than enough!

Secondly, the day that boy shouted whatever he says he did(which i honestly do not remember) i had just left gym with a injured shoulder. I havent been fine since that day. Also, my aunt and my sister had just called to tell me my son had just burnt his leg. In short i wasnt in my normal zone,which is very human if you ask me. As we speak, my boy is still in pain.

Lastly, on a regular day at the mall, i will say hi to not less than 10 people( some i may know some total strangers) imagine going to three malls in an hour looking for the perfect pair of shoes for a wedding appearance the coming Saturday. Thats an average of 30 HIs. Am not complaining, do the math. If i miss one hi or “nod” to say wsup turns into a national debate about artists being humble. And still i bring back point one, my real fans wont try and make me look bad because i nodded instead of doing the fwedede or chimwemwe dance to say hi.

That one fan got some tough love. Deep down you know am a real one. Just sometimes the Matero comes out. ?”

Replied Slapdee on His facebook Post.