Skillz Dismisses Willz’s Contract Claims on “My Dairy Part 7” by Bringing Receipts


Veteran Producer and CEO of Phat Jam records Skillz” has finally responded to Wilz’s claims on “My Diary Part 7”. The record which saw many Zambian music followers emulate Wilz for his supposed truth couldn’t be left unchecked by his former Record label boss.

Skillz earlier posted a picture of the contract extract which actually shows it didn’t expire as opposed to claims by Wilz on the Killer Beats record. According to a citation from the contract, it was subject to instant renewal upon expiry.

This seemingly questions “Wilz’s version of truth as he claimed “Skillz’ hesitated to have it renewed when it expired. The duo have not been at peace for a while now after Wilz left the record label.


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