Singer Shadaya Says Zambian Music Industry is ‘Trash’, Criticizes Kwacha Music Awards


Singer and Vocalist Shadaya Says the Zambian Music Industry is Trash. The ‘Bad Energy‘ who earlier started off by criticizing Kwacha Music Awards had a full blown social media rant today.

Shadaya has been a long time critic of the Kwacha Music Awards and it’s organizers having cited unfairness in the nominations last time. This year, she is peddling the same narrative as she infuses the aspect of racism or rather colorism to it. According to her, Salma Sky deserved to be nominated and was robbed off because she is coloured (Mixed Race).

She further made a follow up post which claimed the Zambian Music Industry is Trash. This ignited backlash from many of her social media followers who decided to call her out.

Editors Note: It worth noting that both Shadaya and Salma Sky are identified as Black and hence the aspect of racism doesn’t apply in this context.


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