Sinakama |Biography & Profile


Mushe Sinakama Sitwala is a Zambian Hip Hop artist professionally known as Sinakama. Introducing a different vibe to the music scene he started doing music as early 1999 on and off then because he had to pursue his education and work.

His passion for the stage and entertainment started as a dancer when he was still in high school, it was from there that he learnt how to rap and decided to grow the craft. He is mostly known for rapping in Lozi and English fluently, has done songs like Pali iwe also known as Brown Sugar featuring F Jay, Tivineko lelo featuring Michael Brown, Always featuring Michael Brown, Badman Shapi and F Jay and his most recent Friends in a Benz.

Apart from music Sinakama works for a construction company and runs his own businesses. He is also pursuing Development studies and currently in his third year. As far as music is concerned Sinakama has promised his fans consistency from now hence forth and plans to collaborate with more talented big names in the music industry.