Shappy Chimzy ||Biography & Profile


Meet skilled and talented entertainment artist Titus Chimwemwe Sichongo who goes by his stage name “Shappy Chimz.”Born on the 9th of April and raised from a family of 5 “five” from kasama Weinberg. The skilled talented rapper attented high school at Ntindei Day secondary and did his tertiary level at Nkumbi international college but later on changed the school due to some challenges and went to Lukashya trade college.The enthusiastic and passionate artisteĀ Chimzy developed his passion for music at an early stage while influenced by living legends likeĀ  Slap Dee and Macky 2 and apparently the rapper withdraws his inspiration from mainstream artists like Chef 187, Slap Dee , Macky 2 and ever trending music artist Yo maps.

Not only is Shappy an HipHop Artist but also a poet and motivational speaker.

Get know about his music career by downloading his songs on various sites . .


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