Sanga Tembo Bids Farewell To Radio and Ends “HipHop Eardrum”



Radio Personality and Hostee of the Biggest HipHop Radio Show in the country called “HipHop Eardrum” has sadly bid farewell to the show. Sanga Tembo has hosted the Radio Show for 3 years since 2015 and unfortunately ended it yesterday (19th July, 2018).

HipHop Eardrum is known for shinning spotlight on Zambian HipHop and mostly for Hosting Recorded Rap Battles. According to the Radio Personality, he is moving on from Radio in order to focus his life and energy on something else.

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“Leaving Radio Hurts, I Remember coming into this in 2012 at Radio Phoenix. Its all i ever wanted but growth is inevitable. It was going to end sometime.” He told Zed Hype Mag‘s Abraham.

The ending of the show has been sadly received by many fans and listeners alike. You can download Many of HipHop Eardrum Battles by searching on our site!