Roberto & Macky 2 React To Muzo AKA Alphonso’s Insanity Rumours



Multi-award winning International RnB artiste “Roberto” yesterday took it to Twitter to air his opinion about Muzo AKA Alphonso who is rumored to have gone mad. Although the rumors are untrue as reported by Zed Hype Mag few months ago, the speculations escalated over the weekend after Muzo AKA Alphonso’s altercation with a Bus Conductor was filmed.

The video was later posted online and people started a campaign about helping the award winning rapper restore his sanity. However, before the campaign could reach so many people the “Amarurah” hitmaker decided to post his divergent views. According to Roberto, Muzo AKA Alphonso is mentally sane and the whole campaign should be stopped.

He further added the music is stressful and the campaign can hurt the rapper even more. Roberto also points out that “Muzo AKA Alphonso” doesn’t only need counselling but also care and sympathy from both friends and fans alike.

Meanwhile Alpha Entertainments CEO and Muzo aka Aphonso’s former boss “Macky 2” few hours ago put out a statement on social media about his label’s stance on the issue. The rapper cites that only Muzo aka Alphonso can clarify the Kind of help he needs from them. King Bugar also said the label has been consistently helping Muzo aka Alphonso despite him dissing and insulting them on songs. He was responding to people calling on “Alpha Entertainments” to help the Kasama Swag rapper. (Read Full Statement On Macky 2’s Facebook Page)