Press Release: 18,000 Go All Out For Their Own


Thousands of music-lovers turn up in support of local artists at Vodafone hosted events


LUSAKA – On April 27th and 28th, Woodlands Stadium was the premier destination for 22,000 music-lovers seeking an unforgettable festival atmosphere coupled with chart-topping acts and a unique blend of upbeat and moving local music.

Vodafone JUMP’s All Out For Hip Hop concert headlined by Chef 187 and Slap Dee drew a crowd of just under 14,000 – resulting in a filled up stadium, a first by any local artist in Zambia. This was followed by a crowd of approximately 4,000 in attendance at the All Out For Gospel event on April 28th.

Vodafone JUMP Regional Director, Mutale Kapaso noted that the overwhelming turnout was an emphatic endorsement of what JUMP was attempting to achieve.

“Our goal was to change the narrative; to drive home the fact Zambia’s musical talent rivals that of international acts. We are glad to have made history with 18,000 music-lovers – these two dates will forever be etched in the history of our nation’s pop culture,” she said.

The All Out For Hip Hop and All Out For Gospel events attracted people from all walks of life, all united in their love for great local music. The shows were focussed on celebrating local music and culture but also celebrating the thunderous greatness inherent in musicians coupled with the belief that if united anything can be achieved.

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