Petersen Zagaze Clears The Air About “Kwacha Music Awards”


With some talk going on about the fairness of Kwacha Music Awards and the Criteria used to select Nominees, Petersen Zagaze has decided to set the record straight.  During the past few Years, Kwacha Music awards organizers particularly Sun Fm have received Public Backlash and criticism owing to the fact that the awards are seen to be nominated by Artists from a one named Region.  Other artists also feel they have been nominated in wrong categories.

Before all these speculations could get out hand, Zagaze cleared the air with the Facebook post below;

Should I take this moment to explain and clear out a few mixed speculations expressed about the Kwacha Awards Nominations.
1. The period for nominations is between 2015 and this year, since this is the first edition.
2. These awards are Radio Awards, so they are about Radio airplay and radio presences. Not night club influence nor online downloads. Its about what and who happens on radio.
3. IBA availed a list of all registered Radio stations countrywide and forms of all the prevailing categories were sent to the respective radio media houses across the nation.
This means that radio station filled the form with who happens on their radio as per category .and these forms were sent back to the awards organizers.
4. The final nominations are simply a tally of what each artist got from across the country. The more an artist appeared on different Radio lists, the closer they became to making it to the nomination lists.
NOTE: Some artists with a lot of happening songs suffered a situation of vote splitting, for they had fans voting for all their songs unlike making one song have more votes to make it to a respective category.
So learn that radio presenters across Zambia, designed and compiled these category nominations NOT the award organizing committee nor adjudication team.
It’s every artist’s management team to make him or her have airplay and presence every where in the country.