Pantoranking Calls Out Slapdee To Perform at Day of Thunder (Watch Video)


Nigerian artist but Zambian by loyalty Pantoranking bwalya last nite proved why is not only the most loved Nigerian artist in Zambia but also the humorous and most chilled  guy. in comparison with Davido who painted a bad picture of himself last time he visited Zambia,Pantoraking defined loyalty when he called out Slapdee (King Dizzo) to come and perform.

Away from him putting on the legendary Zambian jersey of Kalusha bwalya number 11 Pantoranking Bwalya made mention that slapdee‘s track Radio is one of his favorite songs done by King dizzo.

The name Pantoranking Bwalya is a result of one of his tweets saying he is the son of Kalusha Bwalya and him coming to Zambia is just what he refereed to as Homecoming and not to be called an international artist performing in Zed.

Watch the video as Pantoranking calls out Slapdee to Hit the stage!