Nez Long Lambastes Kronick The Diabolical For His Statement Involving Chanda Na Kay


Few Days ago Kafue Based HipHop loyalty Kronick The Diabolical took to social media airing out his opinion concerning the trading entertainment duo “Chanda Na Kay” cheered as Aba Nyoli Nyoli.

Kronick had this to say.

Fans reacted to his opinion with mixed emotions,while others seconded his statement others labelled it plain hate and Jealousy .

Among those that didn’t find Kronick’s statement okay is the “Keka ” Hitmaker Nez Long  who took it to Twitter criticizing Kronick’s opinion with a quote saying “Never Get Mad At Another Man’s Success”

The artiste also went further saying ” His Hand (Nez Long’s) should be cut off if Kronick will ever blow up. A statement that rings a bell in the XYZ Chronicles.

Check the Full Tweet Below.