Nez Long Fires Back After Drifta Trek addresses him in an Interview



Blackout Media artiste and award winning rapper “Nez Long” recently went off at rapper “Drifta Trek” after he was addressed in an Interview with “Zambian Music Blog“. The Alpha Entertainments and Kopala Swag rapper who sat down with ZMB Talks‘s “Edna Mwansa took time to address the state of his relationship with Nez Long, Upcoming mixtape etc.

Nez Long and Drifta Trek seem not to be getting along especially after the later was name dropped in KB’s “My Diary Part 8“. On the record, Nez Long went off at Drifta Trek at called him “Mufana” and rapped about stopping giving him ‘favours‘. During the Interview with Edna, Drifta Trek addressed the synopsis of his feud with Nez Long.

According to him, it all started after he Invited Nez Long and other artistes to his Birthday Bash but later left the event after midnight like everyone else. It seems this appeared disrespectful to Nez Long who later asked about his whereabouts since he (Nez Long) was still at the event. Drifta Trek further goes ahead to undermine Nez Long‘s statuses in the Industry as he elevates himself.

In a fired up retaliatory Facebook post, Nez Long shades Drifta Trek and calls him an upcoming artiste ‘for 5 years‘. He further goes ahead to say he will never be better than him who has only been around for 2 years.

Being upcoming for 5years will never make u better than my 2 years of greatness.listen & learn! Its free!!😂

Posted by Nez Long on Sunday, August 30, 2020