Nayo Mvula- “Mukwesu”


Nayo‘s debut single, ‘Mukwesu,’ pays homage to South Africa’s Amapiano genre. ‘Mukwesu‘ is about family and going to great lengths for those we care about.

From the Tonga language of Zambia, ‘Mukwesu‘ means ‘brother or sister.’ In this older sibling conversation, Nayo Mvula is reminding the people he loves and cares about that even though he may not be around physically, everything he does is for their best interest. Regardless of the physical or emotional distances that can exist between us and the people we care about, Nayo is saying “Ndiyookuzwisyila Malundu – I will move mountains for you,  Ndiyookulwanina – I will fight the world for you”.



Nayo Mvula is a singer-songwriter, and performing artist from Lusaka, Zambia. Nayo’s rich experience in both dance and performance, coupled with strong influences from genres that include Amapiano, Afro-Pop and Afro-Soul culminate to create an authentic music experience.

Nayo has had an astronomical start to his career with performances at both Kids Festival 2017 and Cocktail Festival 2018. During Zamfest 2018, Nayo performed as a backup vocalist for Chembo Music, opened for Mafikizolo and other acts such as Caitlin De Ville, Patience Namadingo, and El Mukuka to name a few.

After a few years of honing his craft, Nayo is back on the music scene and is ready to make some serious waves. Coming in with a wealth of new experiences and growth gained during this time away, Nayo is getting vulnerable with his listeners and channelling this into his new music. Now tapping into genres such as Amapiano and house music, Nayo remains acoustically rooted in Afrocentric fusion with an aim to grow recognition both locally and internationally.