My Video has More Viewers Than ZNBC, Slapdee should stop lying about BW2- Ruff Kid



Ruff Kid Made a special feature on the Hip Hop Barkey Show Hosted by Dj Kenstar of Hone FM. During the show, Ruff Kid claimed Slapdee and the XYZ treated him Like the Hype guy and overshadowed him. This later forced Ruff Kid to leave the Clique. One time BEFTA award winner also says nonetheless he can still do a collabo with Slapdee because it is Business to Him.

According to Ruff Kid, Slapdee has been lying to his fans about the release of BW2 album which has taken more two years now since the release announcement. He further attacked King Dizzo for having his unreleased album nominated for an award.

Commenting on ZNBC banning his Mwaiseni Music Video from Playing on the station, Ruff Kid slammed the National Broadcaster saying he got Many Viewers than them. He definitely doesn’t care if ZNBC denies him airplay, his Mwaiseni Music Video got more viewers on Facebook than ZNBC viewers!Ruff Kid is the second rapper to have his music video banned by ZNBC following Shimasta’s Ichinyau Music Video


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