Similar to the return of the prodigal son, jaw dropping move that has left people astonished  and eager to know whats next, no one ever imagined Muzo apologizing to alpha Ent. and to macky 2 has an individual for the damage.

Last year Muzo took several shots targeting  Alpha ent. label with songs like Bonse ba kopala swag kuli ine masaka and several lines went against His former Boss Macky 2.

Surprising nuff Muzo has seen the error of His ways and has given a public apology to alpha ent. this is in reference to His latest post on facebook, saying.


Alpha entertainment was the base of my fame and i
shall ever honor that…

Am a product of a spice called life, No doubt am a celebrated soul now curved and coined by different hands. When my talent broomed and i needed that market for my art, a big name and my big brother macky 2 and the entire Alpha entertainment crew offered me a great cruise and platform that has made me who i am today.

As the bemba saying goes imiti ipalamene taibula kukwesana and in life nothing lasts for ever.

Therefore as i start and soldier on in this new year it is my greatest resolution that i make peace with my soul and Alpha entertainment, am human and am bound to error hence it is my humble apology to all the kopala swag team for all the damages i caused knowingly and unknowingly. My heart is so free and willing to forgive all those i dimmed to be
unjust in their dealings with me.
What happened at Alpha was no much different with what happened at Touch Media and Kasama Swag   Movement. We have called it water under the bridge and Dj
jaffe and i have made peace and we are now working together, honestly my return to my nest is the greatest decision i have ever made.
To my fans thanks for your support during my trying moments indeed you have always been my greatest source of strength and hope. And I promise to give you the best.
Pulogulamu yalishibikwa akale nokulanda kuposafye inshita…. Kasama swag for life…
Good day,stay blessed and happy new year 2018 –Music Alphonso

The strength of a man is not seen for how long he manages to stand but how he manages to stand up after falling, Muzo did over shoot the mark and its only awesome that he has realized his mistakes.

Download his latest song here: DOWNLOAD TIYE MUMPILI NA HONDA

ZHM wishes him the best in all his projects